It’s all about me

So this is my first post on this blog, and too be honest this is a bit of a weird experience for me.  It’s not often that I would be writting a blog post about me or about something I have done or am going to do, or about something I am interested in.

Normally when I put a blog post online it is in one of my business websites, and so would be focused primarilly on selling something to someone or trying to make money in one of several other ways.  Now thats not to say that I will not try to make any money on this blog, I probably will but it will not be the main aim of the site.

So what is the blog going to be about then???  Basically me and what I am doing and what I am interested in, I am not writting this blog for you – the reader, I am writting it for me – the author.  There will be all sorts of subjects, I have put a rough list below;

  • Health, in general and also more specifically mine in particular
  • Weight Loss
  • Gardening
  • Construction Projects
  • The environment
  • Electric and low energy vehicles
  • Solar Energy
  • Zero Cost Lifestyle
  • Financial Independance

There will of course be other, random stuff that dosn’t fit into any of these categories.  I’m not going to explain any of this stuff just now, I’ll get to it later.

Before I go I just want to mention comments, for now I will allow comments on the blogs but they will be strictly moderated, so please if your comment isn’t relevant please don’t waste your time and mine as it will get marked as spam.

Bye for now

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