My updated plan of action!

In my last post I mentioned that I had pretty much wasted a whole year of working towards my long term goals, except for the losing weight one.  I am going to have to get serious about these plans or I will be back here next year making more lame excuses about why I still haven’t made any progress.  I will tell you, briefly, what my plans are for the coming year and in later posts I will flesh these out and update you on the progress.

There are a few projects here that I want to work on

  • I want to get an old car and convert it to electric, it will be used for all local journeys as I think it will have a maximum range of about 35-40 miles
  • I want to install solar heating panels
  • I want to install solar pv panels
  • I want to improve on the reclycling of our waste, both in terms of rubbish and water

Again I have a few things I want to concentrate on

  • I want to lose more weight, somewhere in the region of another 3.5 to 4 stone, taking me down to about 15 stone.
  • I want to exercise more, both cardiovascular and weight bearing.
  • I would love to be able to reduce some of the medication I have to take every day

Residual Income

  • The plan here is to develop several income streams that I will be able to use to supplement my normal income and then develop it to the point where it will replace my normal income
  • To be able to replace my normal income with my residual income and also to reduce the risk, I will first have to eliminate all of the debt I have and then also start to drive down the outstanding Mortgage.
  • With the reduction of payments to debts and bills, reduction in fuel bills due to the solar and pv panels and also the electric car I think we will be able to live on £15,000 per year or less, when I work this out more precisly I will report back on it

Zero Cost Living

  • I have already mentioned the solar and pv panels, and also the electric car
  • I will be aiming to generate £15,000+ per year on auto-pilot
  • I will also be looking to produce some of our own food, I’ll be starting this year in our little veg patch
  • I will also be investigating a project I have for starting a willow coppice allotment to produce firewood for burning in a wood burning stove.

That should all keep me busy for a while 🙂






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