Delorean car

One of the problems with being poor is not being able to buy shiny things when you come across them 🙂 l was just picking up an auction catalogue at Wilson’s auction and while I was there I popped in to the auction to see what was happening.

The auction that was running was for classic cars from the estate of someone who had died, I didn’t get the guys name.


Delorean car - front view

There were all sorts of cars from Rolls Royce’s to Old Bedford vans, a tiny little Messerchmitt car, an MGB (I think), but my favourite was a Delorean car, with it’s brushed aluminium bodywork and gullwing doors, mind you it was a left hand drive.


Delorean car - side view

I was going to have a bid, just for a laugh, but the bidding started at £10,000 and very quickly went up, with a mix of bids from the floor, telephone, and online, to a winning bid of £18,000.  A bit  out of my range 🙂


Delorean car - rear view