Delorean car

One of the problems with being poor is not being able to buy shiny things when you come across them 🙂 l was just picking up an auction catalogue at Wilson’s auction and while I was there I popped in to the auction to see what was happening.

The auction that was running was for classic cars from the estate of someone who had died, I didn’t get the guys name.


Delorean car - front view

There were all sorts of cars from Rolls Royce’s to Old Bedford vans, a tiny little Messerchmitt car, an MGB (I think), but my favourite was a Delorean car, with it’s brushed aluminium bodywork and gullwing doors, mind you it was a left hand drive.


Delorean car - side view

I was going to have a bid, just for a laugh, but the bidding started at £10,000 and very quickly went up, with a mix of bids from the floor, telephone, and online, to a winning bid of £18,000.  A bit  out of my range 🙂


Delorean car - rear view

Building a raised bed

I decided that I would install a raised bed for growing the veggies.  I think it will look better and will mean that I won’t have to bend over quite so far.  I also think that it gives better growing conditions for the plants, mind you that might be wrong, I don’t know for sure.


Raised bed

Construction was pretty easy, I just used some old fencing panels that I had left over from a previous job.  I got some small stakes, screwed it all together and then set it around the bed area and knocked it into the ground.


The wood will probably rot over the course of a year or two, but will be easily replaceable.  I had considered other materials and construction methods, but this was both the cheapest and easiest and it used materials that were just lying around.

Digging in the garden

I decided last year that I would start to grow my own vegetables, however I never did get around to it.  So this year I have decided to grab the bull by the horns and get stuck in. 

First thing I did was read lots of books and magazines, it has helped a little but I still don’t really know what I’m doing.  I think that basically I just need to do it and learn from experience.



The second thing I did was start to put together a raised bed in the garden, I have included a few photos to show progress.


First dig

At this point all I have done is dig the ground over and left it to sit, I believe that if the weather gets to it that it will get rid of some weeds and prepare the ground for planting.  I still need to put sides on and get more compost, then I’ll be good to go.