Nearly a year later

I started this blog all excited about it, I had intended to put lots and lots of stuff on it.  As it turns out I didn’t bother doing anything with it at all and so I haven’t made a single post in nearly a year.  That’s not to say that I haven’t been doing anything at all, I just haven’t been doing very much.
Growing food – nope
Zero cost living – a little bit
Increasing income – not nearly enough
Losing weight – I’ve done well with this

So basically been a lazy dog 🙁

I am going to make a commitment to improving everything and following through on it.  In my next post I will detail my plans.

Health Issues

One of the main things I want to talk about here is my health, or more specifically my health problems and what I am going to do about them.  There are a few things that give me problems;

1. Diabetes
2. High blood pressure
3. High cholesteral 
4. Back pain
5. Unfit
6. Overweight

I am on medication, lots of tablets, to manage the diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesteral.  The back pain I just get on with and put up with, the fact that I’m really unfit doesn’t help at all. 

These problems are really just symptoms of my biggest problem which is being overweight.  I will talk more about this in later posts, but I expect that as I deal with my weight problem then the other problems will start to subside.